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our services

Design & Consultation

Our experienced and skilled team of designers Cum Engineer; 3D model makers, sculptors; mechanical and electrical engineers working together to create a solution to all your needs.

High-end scanning and design services enable us to provide our clients with no-compromise quality and timeliness.

3D Wood Moulding &
Vacuum Forming

Digimax offers customized design, construction and prototyping of vacuum forming moulds. Our 3D products are typically fabricated from high-quality acrylic using the latest vacuum-forming technology to make them impact-resistant, reinforce with layers of fiberglass and apply a resin coating for a smooth and hard-wearing finish.

Router & Laser
Cutting / Engraving

Digimax offers superior engraving, cutting, and marking with our latest technology and equipment such as CNC computerized routing and laser machine. These machines can handle many types of materials that are suitable for different products,  applications, and industries such as MDF, steel, aluminum, and wood. 

Digital Inkjet Printing

We provide digital inkjet printing machine for all indoor and outdoor display material including paper, vinyl, fabric, canvas and backlit materials, we serve as a one-stop-shop by providing full in-house finishing including quality laminations, trimming, mounting and UV treatments.